Committees of The Women’s Fund

Community Engagement: directs the production of print, electronic and social media, works with other committees and the SRCF to promote The Women’s Fund.

Education: presents community forums each year with local and outside experts to increase public awareness about issues affecting women and their families in the Redding area.

Finance: working with the treasurer, is responsible for preparation of the annual budget and works with the SRCF staff regarding all financial matters.

Governance: is responsible for maintaining the Operating Guidelines, overseeing cabinet member nomination, orientation and development.

Grant Committee and Grant Review Panel: together are responsible for grant making. The Grant Committee recommends focus areas for membership selection, and the Grant Review Panel reviews grant proposals.

Membership, Development and Event: responsible for all activities related to raising funds. It conducts an annual membership campaign for memberships at two levels – $200 and $1,000 – which are the primary source of The Women’s Fund revenues. It coordinates sponsorships and other donations and plans and hosts membership events.

Events:  If you are interested in helping any of these committees contribute to the work of The Women’s Fund, contact us at